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June is The Reading Women Month

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I don't usually pay attention to the authors I read. I tend to read by whim and haven't been concerned with gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality and ability of the writer. I just read what I fancy. I haven't read as much as I usually have at this point in the year due to general life shenanigans, but what I have done is reflected on the gender of authors. It turns out that so far this year I have read 22 books - 4 of which are by men and the rest by women. I was quite surprised at that. I wonder what the spilt has been like in past years.

June marks three years of The Reading Women podcast and Kendra and Autumn are celebrating with a bingo card of reading prompts. The idea is to read books by or about women. I'm not bothered about making a line but I do like the look of the prompts. I'm beginning to compile a list, and I see I have some significant gaps. I don't think I have any young adult books by women of colour that I haven't read, nor do I have a memoir by a woman of colour that I haven't read. I'm also struggling with romance as I'm not a romance fan. I think I may have a book about sister is a food writer so that one is easy!

When I have a selection together, I'll update the post. It'll be interesting to see what I come up with!

Whether you take part in Reading Women month or not, I would certainly recommend the podcast. Kendra and Autumn interview fascinating women and are themselves charming well-read women. Go and take a look!

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