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Books That Matter: 'Wild Women'

I've been a little lax in my posting recently having had a few post op complications but I am feeling better and trying to distract myself from my heavy banages in this heat - hopefully next week I'll be able to wear a matching pair of shoes! A girl can dream.

Anyway, I thought I should update the blog with my latest subscription box from @booksthatmatter. I absolutely loved last month's Pride theme; the book and other goodies surpassed what I was expecting. This month is another interesting box and the book a complete surprise as I have never heard of the title or the author. I'd be so disappointed if I opened the box to find a book I already own, but so far, so good. The theme for this month is 'Wild Women' which explores the theme of eco-feminism and sustainability. I had never considered these to be feminist issues so I'm looking forward to learning about how the two work together. In my head, taking care of our planet and sustainablity is a job for everyone, regardless of gender so I'm intrested to learn more about this intersectional aspect of environmental education. If that even makes sense. I'm still learning the terminology! I could try to explain but here is a letter from the author of The Word for Woman is Wilderness, Abi Andrews.

I'm not going to lie, this seems like a heavy topic but I'm open to give it a go. I'll update my thoughts when I've tackled the book. I might start it when I'm a little more mentally prepared! I've included a list of all the other goodies included in the box. The @booksthatmatter team always curate a lovely collection of things for their boxes

  • The Word for Woman is Wilderness by Abi Andrews

  • A postcard from the novelist

  • A quotation bookmark

  • Revival Collective Zine

  • Metal straw from Sugar and Sloth

  • Shampoo bar from

  • A packet of wild flower seeds from Wildflower Limited

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