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A Month to See the Difference

As you may have seen from my earlier posts, I have had a great time using The Reading Women prompts to broaden my reading and make more considered choices over the month of June. It's been interesting to reflect on the types of books I usually read and also to think about the gaps in my reading. I am not a re-reader and I have little interest in reading books about food or road trips. I still have a week or so before that challenge is over but the process of reading to specific prompts got me thinking.

I have written about the importance of diversity and inclusivity in literature in previous posts so thought I's take a month to read more inclusive books focusing on books by or about intellectual and bodily difference. Basically, I'm challenging myself to see how diversely I read. There is no gender focus for this, rather I want to read as inclusively as possible.

I created a simple bingo board of prompts (it's more visually appealing to me than a list) and I hope to discover authors I've never read before as well as finally reading others that I already have on my shelves. Over the next week, I am going to shop my shelves for books that fit the prompts and I'll blog as I go. I included prompts from 19th, 20th, 21st centuries as I thought I might find an interesting progression in the inclusion of bodily and intellectual diverse characters...we shall see! I hope I do.

I'd love for people to join me but it would be great if you'd just like to share your thoughts on inclusivity in the books you read. Have you read books that feature characters with disabilities or physical or intellectual differences? Any recommendations would be welcome!

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